3 reasons why guineapigs are good for you!

wpid-img_20150116_225652More often than not we don’t actually realise how good our piggies are for us and though they cover their freshly clean cages in an endless trail of poops, these little guys are actually great for our health and wellbeing. Whether you’re stressed or feeling a little anxious about family, school or work, having a guinea pig could be a small fluffy solution to making you feel that bit better and here’s 3 reasons why!

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Diy piggie scareguinea guineapig toy

1-PicMonkey CollageEvery guinea pig loves something new and exciting to play with. Whilst sat in their enclosures a certain ” scare guinea” pal might be just the trick to keep them busy and occupied throughout the day whilst you’re doing errands, at work or school.

So here’s our step by step DIY tutorial on how to make your own!

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#Guineapig spring toy haul




Last week it was pay day and when its pay day there’s a piggie haul ! Who can’t resist not spoiling those cute piggie face’s that pop up to say hello in their cage every morning.  Believe it or not guinea pigs can actually get bored during the day and like us need toys to keep them busy.

So we popped over to Viovet to order a few Rosewood guinea pig toys we’d had our eye’s on for quite a while and just had to buy!

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Gigi’s review : Burgess Chamoumile herbage hay


1-PicMonkey Collage03

Sure to be a piggies alternative to our chocolate cravings, hay has got to be their go to daily treat to munch! As part of a guinea pigs daily food diet, they need hay to help their digestion and also keep good dental health.  So its key to top up their hay baskets, although with so many different hay types to choose from here’s our piggie pennies worth on the Burgess Chamomile Hay (herbage).

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Beginners guineapig handbook :”Getting guinea pigs basics”


Hello wheeklys!

I recently came across a tweet on twitter where people were seeking advice  on “getting a guineapig” as they were pondering on the thought of bringing home their own piggie friend. Believe it or not I think guinea pigs are one of the most adorable and extremely rewarding pets to have.

Although it may seem a tough at first when it comes to getting a piggie and finding out what you need to know, it’s actually not that hard once you’ve gotten all the basics down! So here are four getting a piggie questions we’ve answered, all based on our own understanding and piggie wisdom!

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