Diy piggie scareguinea guineapig toy

1-PicMonkey CollageEvery guinea pig loves something new and exciting to play with. Whilst sat in their enclosures a certain ” scare guinea” pal might be just the trick to keep them busy and occupied throughout the day whilst you’re doing errands, at work or school.

So here’s our step by step DIY tutorial on how to make your own!

You will need : 


(Note : You’ll also need a craft knife or pair of scissors to cut holes into the tube, if you’re under age please ask an adult to help you!)


Step one : Using your scissors or craft knife cut two criss crosses on either side of the card tube.

Step two : Taking two Burgess Gnaw sticks , push them carefully through the holes you just made until they fit firmly in the tube.


Step three :  You can then adjust the arms of your tube scare guinea so he can wave and say hi!

Step four :  Next grab a pencil ( preferably a child safe pencil ) and doodle on your scare guinea’s face!  You can make him smiley, grumpy or a derpy  guinea just be imaginative and have fun!1-DSC_0205

Step five :  Lastly through the top and bottom of the tube fill in your piggies favourite hay and herbs. You could even add some green beans for arms instead and place parsley, cucumber and other veggies inside your scare guinea to make your guinea pigs even more intrigued!


Tada you’re finished and oh my gosh its so wheeking cute! You’ve now made your own Scare guinea  and all that’s left to do is pop it into your guinea pigs cage for them to enjoy!

Ruby’s certainly happy with her Scare guinea so why not give it ago! Have fun making your own for your piggies and once you’re done pop a picture via instagram tagging us @guineapigwheekly so we can see to!

Katie x

14 thoughts on “Diy piggie scareguinea guineapig toy

  1. Aww this is too cute! 🙂 It looks like something that my girls would enjoy. I don’t know where I could buy the gnaw sticks though, could I use other types of untreated branches? We have lots, but I’m not sure if that is going to be okay? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey claudine it’s wheeky lovely to meet you! Well you can acquire gnaw sticks or sticks like them specifically for guineapigs in alot of pet places online depending on where you are in the world x you can use celery sticks, green beans or even carrots for arms though :). I think certain woods are only suitable for guineapigs so I’d maybe look into the type of branches you have and if they are in fact safe before you give them your precious piggies x Katie


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