Guineapig guide : Care tips for a pregnant guineapig

20150514_104311(*These beautiful pigture’s of a mommy and her babies was kindly sent to us by our friend Alisa of -Guinipigs on instagram.*)

Caring for a pregnant guinea pig mummy is super important to ensure her babies inside grow healthily over time until they’re ready  to introduce themselves with a big wheekly hello!

Although guinea pig pregnancy is a fascinating experience seeing new piggie lives be born, it’s also important to do your research especially if that pregnant guinea pig is in your care. So here are some tips and advice to help you prepare and care for your expecting piggie mummies out there!

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Guineapig cage tour with Cookie & Gigi!


Hello Wheeklys!

We hope you are all doing well! Today we have a treat in store for you guys as it seems one of our guineapig wheekly gang got a hold of my camera and did a little youtube video of his own!

He kindly asked that I edit the video for him and pop it onto youtube for you all to see, as Gigi’s hands are kind of small to use a mouse to edit away. So here’s a small guinea pig cage tour of Cookie and Gigi’s bedroom just for you!

Katie & Gigi x

Owning a guineapig on a budget : Veggies bargains!



Owning a guinea pig isn’t really something that will break the bank ( unless your guinea pig has refined taste and a request for a 24 carrot gold cage *pun intended hehe*. Although all those guinea pig necessities can add up from pennies to pounds (or dollars) , so budgeting might be a good idea!

Now being on a budget doesn’t mean your piggie can’t have nice things. There are clever ways to which you can provide your guinea pig what it needs whilst also saving money and I’m going to show you how. So here’s our first budget post with lots of tips on how you can save money on veggies !

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Guineapig guide : Potty training your guineapig!


When most guinea pigs are living on fleece bedding with the amount of poops and such that they do , it can become pretty stinky pretty quickly. So one way to combat this is to “potty train your guinea pig” into using a allocated toilet area of their cage. To help those of you who are eager to potty train your piggies to here’s our small blog guide and you tube video to help!

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Piggie interview with When pigs glide!

PicMonkey Collage

Today we have a wheekly exciting blog interview with Alana from “Whenpigsglide”. She is not only a fellow guinea pig instagrammer but also runs her own small guinea pig online etsy shop, making fleece goods from snuggle sacks to tunnels and more.We emailed her asking if she’d care to share some of her passion about piggies and answer a few of our questions to share with you!

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Guineapig laundry : How to wash and care for fleece bedding

wpid-img_20150427_120608Isn’t fleece guinea pig bedding so cute and colourful! It’s safe to say that having your piggies on fleece is not only extremely stylish and oh so fancy but also beneficial for your guinea pigs health as well.

Putting our piggies onto fleece opposed to other cage bedding such as sawdust gives them comfort as they potter around their cage. However if we didn’t think that having all our own laundry was bad enough, having your piggies on fleece comes with “Guinea pig Laundry” to.

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Guineapig Wheekly comes to youtube + a piggie pet haul

We have some exciting news to share with you…

We’re live on youtube!

The Guineapig Wheekly now has its own live channel to post monthly videos to accompany our little blog for you all to enjoy!  We hope to produce a mix of fun video posts from piggie tips, advice to DIY projects and guinea pig cooking tutorials.

We’re so excited to share the guinea pig love with all of you and together create something great!

Katie & Steph x

Gigi’s Piggie reviews : Burgess Gnaw sticks

1-PicMonkey Collage

With a crunch and a munch those little piggies of ours need a way to keep those pearly teeth down! A piggies dental health and emotional health are key ingredients that are sure to serve up the happiest piggie you’ve ever seen.

Being in their enclosure all day long can sometimes leave our piggies pondering on what to do with all their free time. So one way to keep your guinea pigs occupied is by introducing something to nibble on like “Burgess Gnaw Sticks“.

Although you maybe pondering ” Will my piggie like them” or ” Are they a good choice for my piggie?”. Here’s our piggie pennies worth on what the fuss is all about with this piggie product!
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