Guineapig Wheekly instagram giveaway!


Hello everyone!

🍓✨ So incredibly we’ve reached 1000 #guineapig wheekly family members on our instagram account alone which is incredible! ✨ 🍓  So as a thank you we wanted to do something special!

Everyone loves a giveaway and here we’re giving the chance for one of you to win a personalised professionally hand drawn portrait of your pet and we’ll even mail it straight to you ! From a guinea pig, hamster, rabbit and more whatever loved furry one you’d like to see doodled may come true by entering this giveaway.

Visit our instagram page here commenting on the competition post to enter.image
✨🐹 What to do 🐹

  • This giveaway is free to enter, although you do need to be a wheekly family member, following our account and therefore have a instagram account.
  • You ⚠MUST⚠ Comment here telling us about your special furry friend and why they’re so special to you to be entered .
  • You should be over 18 to enter and if not please ask the permission of your parent or guardian to do so as we would like a forwarding address to send your personalised portrait to you
  • This competition is open to both uk and international entries
  • Finished illustration will be a5 in size , hand drawn and coloured portraying your pet of choice ( you will need to provide us a reference picture via instagram direct messaging so that we can make your picture for you)

Please note: guineapig wheekly is not responsible for any additional fees , customs or charges after mailing your prize

💞Competition ends : saturday july 4th 2015💞

Good luck! Katie x

Choosing the perfect guinea pig name?


Pigture this ( *pun intended*) you’ve just made your way home with your new guinea pig (kudos to you if you chose to rehome some shelter piggies). You set up their new guinea pig cage with yummy food and hay and pop them inside to make themselves comfy.

As you sit and gaze upon your new found family members you begin to think “ What guinea pig names should I choose for my piggies?“. Finding the perfect name can either come as easy as pie or leave you pondering for hours. So if you’re looking for a little help on finding the perfect guinea pig name , here’s some tips to inspire!

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A piggie interview with Nicola from Cosy piggies!

PicMonkey Collage

Hello Wheeklys!

Today we have a special piggie post with the lovely Nicola from Cosy piggies.  If you don’t know nicola runs a handmade online piggie fleece shop, where she makes lots of lovely fleece items that your piggies are sure to adore.

We spoke with nicola and we over the moon to be able to do this interview with her to learn about more about the “behinds” of cosy piggies and what really inspires her in all her wheekly exciting business.

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Guineapig guide : How to bath your guineapig

How to bath your guineapig!Splish splash every piggie needs a bath! Believe it or not as cute as they look our guinea pigs need to be bathed in order to wash away any nasty smells, clean those dirty feet and make that coat all shiny.

Now when it comes to washing your guinea pig there are some things to know before getting all excited pulling out the rubber ducky and soap.  So to help fill you in on all there is to know, here are our guinea pig wheekly tips on washing your guinea pig!

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Why does my guineapig bite / nibble me?


Lately I’ve noticed a few of our piggie friends comment asking ” Why is my guinea pig nibbling my fingers ?”  or generally biting or nipping them during lap time. Now it’s so easy to feel a little anxious to handle them more upon being bitten by our oh so faithful piggies. However there are different reason why your guinea pig maybe biting you and solutions that may even help!

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