Why our #guineapigs aren’t made to be Olympic swimmers!

imageLately I’ve seen a lot of my guinea pig friends mention about the sudden increase in a popular video being shared around social media such as facebook, depicting little piggies being placed into large deep  swimming pools.

The videos may initially seem harmless and to those who don’t understand watching nothing to concerning. However it’s when you really understand and learn a little more about guinea pigs in water, that the video doesn’t seem as amusing anymore.

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How to make #Guineapig cupcakes! Yummy!

guineapig cupcakes thumbnail

Hello Wheeklies!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your summer holidays! We’re keeping creative and busy in the kitchen here at guineapig wheekly hq and rustled up a yummy guinea pig cupcake tutorial just for you!

In it we’ll show you how to make the perfect guineapig decorative cupcakes. So whether you’ve got a birthday coming up, are looking for the ideal piggie gift to give to a friend or simply want something to pass the time why not give our cupcakes a try!

Be sure to share with us your completed guinea pig cakes to! Enjoy and most of all have fun!

Katie x


Guineapig guide : Dealing with a smelly guineapig!



As lovely as our fluffy pals are they can get a bit stinky now and then as they poop and potter about everyday guinea pig life. Although guinea pigs are amazingly gentle and loving animals, after a few days their lovely clean cage soon becomes a guinea pig bomb site and your little loved one has pooped feet, a smelly butt and gosh knows what else seemingly in dire need of a deep clean!

You might scratch your head and wonder ” My Guinea pig is getting very smelly …. but why is my guinea pig so smelly !” So to tackle that pongy piggie here’s 3 helpful tips to help them smell sweet again!

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Guineapig guide : Choosing the right food for your guineapig?



When it comes to feeding our guinea pig’s sometimes it’s so easy to pick up any small pet food on the shelves without really knowing the health benefits they have for our guinea’s. There are a wide assortment of  brand guinea pig food available on the market , although today we’ll fill you in on some general food tips to help you pick the perfect food for your guinea pig.

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A piggie interview with Lucy of “LooBoosShedZoo”



Hello wheeklies!

Today we have an extremely exciting interiew to share with you all that we did with the lovely Lucy from Looboosshedzoo! If you don’t know Lucy runs a very creative small pet youtube channel where she creates a mix of small pet advice videos , diy projects and more! We went behind the scene with this little interview with Lucy to learn all about Loo Boo’s Shed Zoo and the inspirations behind it!

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DIY Guineapig Cosy Cup tutorial


How to make a cosy cuddle cup!

Hello Wheeklies!

Today we have something exciting and new to the Guineapig Wheekly blog to share with you! It’s a DIY: how to make a cosy cuddle cup tutorial for your guinea pig’s to enjoy.

Lately I have seen so many guinea pig lovers moving their guinea pigs onto fleece bedding and who wouldn’t with the array of cute accessories to be made. So if you’re wanting a bit of a summer project and want to get crafty, here’s a step by step tutorial showing you how its done!

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