DIY Guineapig Cosy Cup tutorial


How to make a cosy cuddle cup!

Hello Wheeklies!

Today we have something exciting and new to the Guineapig Wheekly blog to share with you! It’s a DIY: how to make a cosy cuddle cup tutorial for your guinea pig’s to enjoy.

Lately I have seen so many guinea pig lovers moving their guinea pigs onto fleece bedding and who wouldn’t with the array of cute accessories to be made. So if you’re wanting a bit of a summer project and want to get crafty, here’s a step by step tutorial showing you how its done!

Note: We have made a template you can download on the Guineapig Wheekly website, click the icons here and you can print it no problem!

circle-template rectangle-template

gpcosy1 gpcosy2 gpcosy3

Hope you enjoyed this little guinea pig tutorial and if there’s anything you’d love to see from Guineapig Wheekly uk , post a comment and let us know!

p.s We’d love to see your cosy cuddle cup’s once you’ve made them!

Katie x

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