A piggie interview with Lucy of “LooBoosShedZoo”



Hello wheeklies!

Today we have an extremely exciting interiew to share with you all that we did with the lovely Lucy from Looboosshedzoo! If you don’t know Lucy runs a very creative small pet youtube channel where she creates a mix of small pet advice videos , diy projects and more! We went behind the scene with this little interview with Lucy to learn all about Loo Boo’s Shed Zoo and the inspirations behind it!

Where did the name Loo Boo’s Shed Zoo come from ? 

The name LooBoo’s Shed Zoo came from a nickname my family called me.. LooBoo.. I’m not sure how the nickname originally came about but it’s just one of those funny names you get called by your family every once in a while. Then one day my mum called the shed a ‘shed zoo’ and the name just sort of blended together to create my YouTube name! At the beginning I wasn’t sure about it, I thought it might be too long and too difficult to pronounce correctly, but I’ve definitely grown to love the name, and at the time it was really unique!

IMG_8807When and how did  Loo Boo’s Shed Zoo begin?

I almost stumbled upon the pet community a few years back, at that time I had a hamster called Tigga. As a family we have always made cages and hutches to suit our pets as we’ve always found the store bought ones too small or not suited to us or our pets. I remember having a giant 8ft by 4ft double hutch for my rabbit that was on wheels, we would wheel it into the garage every night for safety and out to our pet proofed garden in the day were he could have free range.

So finding Tigga a large cage seemed the usual thing to do, the only problem at the time was the budget and larger shop cages being so expensive! So I searched online for a solution and found bin cages! Unfortunately Tigga passed away before I was able to make one, so after getting Chip and Tee (the gerbils) I made one and thought ‘hey.. I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing my bin cage..’ and thats how it all started! Then people started watching and requesting and I loved the pet community more and more!IMG_0094

What’s your most fondest guinea pig memory? 

I have so many lovely memories of all of my guinea pigs! But I definitely think my fondest memory was getting my first guinea pig Stitch, I remember not knowing much about guinea pigs.. in fact I hadn’t heard of them before! My mum wanted to get a guinea pig and so the research began! Unfortunately computers weren’t as big of a deal back then, and I’m not even sure if we had one in the house!

 So all of my research was done through library books and knowledge from others. I remember picking Stitch out in a small local pet shop, I wanted a male and he was stunning with a bright yellow and white coat! He was so friendly and we did everything we could to make him happy.

We had a rabbit at the time and kept them close to each other in our garage (the garage was dedicated to the pets and didn’t contain anything else!) with a safe mesh wall in between. A year or so later we realised that he needed a companion, but before we had a chance to find one we discovered that he had a genetic disorder which meant that he needed lots of care and vet visits, so this took all of my focus. Stitch unfortunately passed a way around a year and a half later and I was heartbroken!


Top 3 favourite guineapig products? 

It’s hard to choose three of my favourite guinea pig products because there are just so many! But if I had to say at this very moment.. in no particular order my favourites are…

  • . The Oxbow multivitamin tablets
  •  EasyBed bedding
  • . A Flexi-Tub (Ok.. technically it’s not a guinea pig product, but it’s something I use several times a day and helps make my jobs so much easier!)

I also love anything from burgess or woodlands! There are also a lot of first aid products that I couldn’t live without, such as critical care and the beaphar eye gel.

Photo 0090What’s the Loo boo’s shed zoo personal recipe for a happy piggie?

For a Happy Piggie I would say that you need.. first of all lots of love and care.. without this then you wouldn’t be able to provide anything else! You also need fresh food and water everyday, including a big pile of delicious veggies!

A variety of hidey houses, for them to pretend to use but actually they just sit on top of them and beg to be fed hehe! Lots of toys, because some piggies are picky and only like a certain toy! Don’t forget all of the extra bits and bobs too.. cleaning products, first aid essentials and a lovely cage, and of course a piggie companion! Then you are guaranteed to have a happy pig! #

Most favourite / fun youtube video you’ve made for your channel so far?

It’s hard to choose my favourite video, I do like a lot of them but find some hard to watch back (especially the ones with me in!) because I find it hard to hear and see myself ah! But I do really enjoy my daily routine videos because I like to watch them back and see how things have changed and what I do differently or the same! The best thing about these videos and all of them really is that I have so many memories of the pets that I can watch over and over!

I do also really like my D.I.Y videos, especially the one were I show all of my recent makes! I love making things for the pets and seeing people enjoy seeing my ideas and trying them themselves. I keep a playlist of all of my D.I.Y’s and I do like watching some back to see how things have developed.

Lastly what exciting plans does Loo Boo’s Shed Zoo have for the rest of 2015? 

LooBoo’s Shed Zoo is developing all the time! I haven’t had much time upload recently, but this time has given me the opportunity to make plans and ideas for the future of the channel. The channel is progressing towards 10,000 subscribers which is incredible! I can remember having my first video comment and subscriber and I was amazed! There will definitely be future contests including some of my homemade toys and creations, as well as new videos and updated one such as a daily routine, cage and shed tours. D.I.Y Friday is also returning, I love this segment as it means a new homemade toy or product every week at the same time!

Lots of people have been asking me to start a shop, so I’m currently planning on opening one either towards the end of this year or mid 2016, it will just be a trial run, so just a small selection of homemade things to see how it goes. If all goes well, then I would definitely like to take an online pet shop more seriously. Other than that, I have some updates to share and channel changes to do, but other changes are done through the suggestions and recommendations of subscribers!

A big wheekly thank you to Lucy for doing this interview with us! It’ been so much fun finding out the piggie inspirations behind the Loo Boo’s Shed zoo channel . Be sure to check it out!

Kate x

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