Guineapig guide : Dealing with a smelly guineapig!



As lovely as our fluffy pals are they can get a bit stinky now and then as they poop and potter about everyday guinea pig life. Although guinea pigs are amazingly gentle and loving animals, after a few days their lovely clean cage soon becomes a guinea pig bomb site and your little loved one has pooped feet, a smelly butt and gosh knows what else seemingly in dire need of a deep clean!

You might scratch your head and wonder ” My Guinea pig is getting very smelly …. but why is my guinea pig so smelly !” So to tackle that pongy piggie here’s 3 helpful tips to help them smell sweet again!


1. Wash your piggie 

Although its recommended to wash your guinea pig every 2-3 months giving them a bath is one sure fire way on, how to remove smelly odors from your guinea pig particularly if they’re indoor pets and get onto the path of a clean piggie again. (Note : How often you should wash your Guinea pig is dependent on the owners preference , guinea pig type and any possible skin conditions to) .

Guinea pig’s and in particular peruvians/long haired breeds will need their coat washing more regularly ( more so their bottom area) as urine, poops and bedding remains can collect in the fur making it smell and uncomfortable for your piggie.

2. Wash their bedding

If you have your guinea pig’s sleeping on fleece bedding its important to wash it regularly to not only keep your fleece items in good shape but keep them smelling fresh to! Remember do not use any fabric softener when washing your guinea pig’s bedding as this may irritate the skin and add a cup of white vinegar to the wash to remove any nasty odours.

3. Wash the cage

Depending on how you house your guinea pig’s its important to throughly clean their cage to remove any unpleasant smells and bacteria left behind. There are special anti bacterial pet cleaning sprays you can purchase to clean the  base of any cage you have ( whether store bought, cc cage correx or diy) and using clean paper towel wipe all the base and side.

Anyone else had to deal with a very smelly piggie lately? What did you do to beat the pong?

We hope you found this helpful and if there’s anything else you’d love to see here on Guineapig Wheekly uk let us know in a comment below!

Katie x

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