Why our #guineapigs aren’t made to be Olympic swimmers!

imageLately I’ve seen a lot of my guinea pig friends mention about the sudden increase in a popular video being shared around social media such as facebook, depicting little piggies being placed into large deep  swimming pools.

The videos may initially seem harmless and to those who don’t understand watching nothing to concerning. However it’s when you really understand and learn a little more about guinea pigs in water, that the video doesn’t seem as amusing anymore.


You see by popping little guinea pig’s into a swimming pool to watch them paddle around, what may initially seem that they’re enjoying themselves is actually their struggle to stay afloat. It really can be dangerous for your much-loved piggie and without a doubt would leave many heart-broken should anything bad happen because of not understanding the dangers.

Here’s a few reasons why guinea pig’s shouldn’t be made to swim :

  • There body’s and frame’s aren’t built for swimming, due to their long bodies and short legs its easy for a guinea pig to become tired more quickly when swimming around.
  • Guinea pig’s have sensitive respiratory systems and so it’s easy for them to become ill with breathing problems ( such as pneumonia) should water get into their airway.
  • They aren’t meant to swim if they were they would natural  pursue to do so. As far as a piggie’s concerned though they’re happy with plenty of lap time, lettuce and cuddle’s.

My friend Lucy from Looboosshedzoo made a really informative video over on her YouTube channel about this topic as well. So if you want to find out more as to why you shouldn’t make your guinea pigs swim be sure to check it out.

Katie x

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