3 Tips to tackle a smelly guinea pig cage

smelly gigiHello wheeklies!

Today we’re covering the topic of smelly guinea pig cages and what you can do to beat those pongy smells to help everything smell fresh again! This is also really helpful if you have asthma or suffer from allergies, but still keep guinea pigs or other small animals as pets at home.

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Inspirationally creative ways to decorate your furry pets home!

PicMonkey Collage

If decorating our homes in stylish wallpapers, beautifully crafted furnishings and trendy decor wasn’t inspirational enough. There are many talented small pet owners from all over the world, who are getting in touch with their inner designer and creating some amazing pet room cage themes!

From YouTube to Instagram some very lucky pets are being spoiled rotten with some very creative cage themes. We thought they were to cool not to share with all of you that we put together this post to share some inspiration on creative ways to decorate your pets home!

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A piggie interview with Chrissie from Gorgeous guineas!


Hello Wheeklies!

We have a very exciting blog post to share with you today as we got the opportunity to speak with the lovely lady behind Gorgeous Guineas. Chrissie is very passionate about both aromatherapy and guinea pigs, so putting her passions together she created the very first specialized guinea pig skin care line as gorgeous guineas. Read more of Chrissie’s interview with us here!

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Check out our #guineapig mansion!


 Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! Just a quick little post today to show you our latest guinea pig homemade cage we put together. If you’re a guinea pig youtube fan you’ll have no doubt seen some very inspirational homemade cages by some particular favourite’s from Piggiepigpigs , Squeak dreams and Looboosshedzoo too!

We put our own homemade cage together in about 2 days and cost just a little over £50 to make overall ( not including cost of time and tools though). If you’d like to know more on how we made it just ask away and we’ll maybe do a blog post or video on it.

The new home looks a little bare right now, but we’re waiting for some new guinea pig toys and goodies in the mail in the next week or so! Stay tuned as we’re do a more exciting cage tour really soon.

Katie x

Guineapig guide : Choosing bedding for your guineapig fleece vs sawdust

fleece vs sawdust

Hello Wheeklies!

This week on the Guinea pig Wheekly blog we thought we’d cover something that we’ve been getting a couple of questions about recently on ” fleece bedding”.

Now whether you’ve already got guinea pigs of your own or are looking to adopt and bring some home, it can be a bit baffling knowing what type of bedding is best. So to answer some popularly asked questions and help you decide on whether fleece or sawdust is ideal for you, check out our tips below!

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A little “fuzzy” interview with a little Fuzzberta cosplaying guineapig!

Hello Wheeklies!
Today we have an exciting post to bring to you! Our piggie pal Fuzzberta kindly popped over to do a guinea pig wheekly uk interview with us, telling us all about her inspirations and piggie passions. If you don’t know Fuzzberta and Mini guinea pig are the two piggies belonging to the very talented Monica behind the official Fuzzberta instagram account!

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