Inspirationally creative ways to decorate your furry pets home!

PicMonkey Collage

If decorating our homes in stylish wallpapers, beautifully crafted furnishings and trendy decor wasn’t inspirational enough. There are many talented small pet owners from all over the world, who are getting in touch with their inner designer and creating some amazing pet room cage themes!

From YouTube to Instagram some very lucky pets are being spoiled rotten with some very creative cage themes. We thought they were to cool not to share with all of you that we put together this post to share some inspiration on creative ways to decorate your pets home!

Butterfly Cage “Flutterby Butterfly valley theme”- Miriam  from Hello Hammy

Miriam is the creative youtuber behind the “Hello Hammy” channel, creating a variety of pet theme videos, hauls and more. She got creative in making her piggies the perfect butterfly cage theme and speaking to her we got to find out more about her inspiration behind it!

“This butterfly cage theme came about simply because my daughters and I fell in love with the fleece print. We knew we’d love to order some to make a liner and a few matching items. So my sister very kindly helped me sew the various things and we combined them with some other fleece items that we ordered from an Etsy shop. Along the way we picked up different butterfly-themed items that we thought would look nice in the cage. When everything was ready, it was time to put the cage together and boy, was it fun! We were so pleased with how everything pulled together and we loved the finished result. It’s been our pleasure to share things like this on our YouTube channel with others who have a similar passion. ” -Miriam

We really loved the print she chose for her fleece items as well as the complimenting cage accessories that really finished it off!

Paris theme

Love in Paris theme by Charlotte from Sugar & Spice

Charlotte is a new guinea pig youtuber with a flair for all things shabby chic, floral and well guinea pig of course! We were really drawn into Charlotte’s pet room cage theme for its use of colour and france inspired look. Her love of the city inspired her to bring a little bit of paris right at home to her guinea pigs and so we were intrigued to ask her a little more about it!

“I chose to do a Paris theme since I have a strong connection with the city. For me it reminds me of my childhood & I had a fun time picking out all of the pieces to make it as unique as the city itself! Three little mademoiselles live here called Clara, Arabella & Daphne. Creating an interesting & comfortable home for my girls is what drives me as an owner. I look for different pieces to add an extra something & to bring interest to their little piggy brains! My favourite piece has got to be the floral ‘Piggie Pod’ from Steph’s Piggie Paradise on Facebook. The girls love this type of cosy, Daphne in particular loves to lie both on top of & inside of it!” – Charlotte

Here are some clips of some more inspirational cage theme’s to be inspired by some more very talented people!PicMonkey Collage“Playfully pink theme” by Love at first wheek & ” A Ginger bread Christmas theme” by Cari’s little piggies .

Remember that creating a beautiful theme doesn’t have to just be for guinea pig’s, we’ve seen many pet room decor styles being made for rabbits, hamsters and more! If you’ve made your own cage theme we would love to see it! If you’d like some tips and  advice on how to create your own cage theme be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Katie x

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