3 Tips to tackle a smelly guinea pig cage

smelly gigiHello wheeklies!

Today we’re covering the topic of smelly guinea pig cages and what you can do to beat those pongy smells to help everything smell fresh again! This is also really helpful if you have asthma or suffer from allergies, but still keep guinea pigs or other small animals as pets at home.

imageTip 1 : Regular spot cleaning

Depending on the type of bedding  you have chosen for your guinea pig , this will affect how quickly all those pongy piggie smells will come about.

  • If your pet is on sawdust we recommend scooping out any heavily soiled area’s to remove any unwanted odours ( your guinea pig may favour one corner of his or her cage for toilet time). How often you do this is your personal choice, although doing this every day and replacing the area with absorbent litter such as carefresh will definitely help reduce any smells.
  • If you have your guinea pig’s on fleece bedding then we recommend spot cleaning your guinea pig’s smelly cage ever day with a dust pan and brush. Due to the fact fleece bedding is fabric based it will absorb any liquids and although potty training your guinea pig can help greatly this, they may not always use their potty so accidents are to be expected

imageTip 2 : Use a good pet safe cleaning spray

  • Another method to curing a smelly guinea pig cage is to use good pet cleaning products to really cleanse the cage space. Now there are many different types of pet cleaning products on the market that you can purchase both online and at your local pet store.  Here below I’ve listed just a few things you can try to help:

    • Pet Safe Disinfectant wipes – Using wipes can be really handy when you’re in a hurry, they also come in use for wiping clean those area’s of the cage that are hard to reach. There are some pet safe cage cleaning sprays which you can then add to a cloth to make your own reusable wipes.
    • Homemade cleaning spray – I’ve heard of many small pet owners making their own cleaning spray from  1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water. This is meant to cleanse the cage, as well as help removing staining that occurs over time. It’s easy to make and easy to store in a clear spray bottle to use as and when you need.

    wpid-img_20150613_130035.jpgTip three : Cleanse the air

    As much as we love our guinea pig’s its understandable that especially if they’re kept indoors, the odours from their cage can really stink up the room. One solution we’ve recently started to use at the Guineapig Wheekly hq is a Water Air purifier.

    We purchased our water purifier via ebay but basically what it does is using water in its base the purifier cleanses the air, removing any dirt and odours to. Some people add a drop of essential oils to add a scent to the air in the water, however please note that oils and such can be problematic to sensitive small pets and birds so ideally I’d use just plain water in a pet room to ensure your small furries aren’t affected. Also don’t use the air purifiers with ionisers as these could also be bad for your piggies.

    We hope you found this post helpful! If there’s anything you’d like to see on the Guineapig Wheekly uk blog, be sure to comment and let us know!

    Katie & Steph x


5 thoughts on “3 Tips to tackle a smelly guinea pig cage

    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for commenting, air fresheners can be abit much for guinea pig’s respitory systems I think. Where as subtle aromatherapys for us are healing, the chemicals used in air fresheners I’d imagine weren’t good for you piggie to be exposed to up close. This is just my thoughts though ? Let me know what you think x Katie


    1. Hey Nena! The air purifier I have is a pureaire water air purifier. I don’t use essential oils in it so much because of the pig’s breathing as some might be to over powering for them but a drop of peppermint I find is ok and helps to clean any bacteria in the air. No it’s not at all noisy and if anything I find it super relaxing hearing the slightly watery white noise in the room 🙂 Hope this helps!


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