*Wheek* Helpful tips to Becoming a #instagram super star and sharing your passion *wheek*

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Good morning Wheeklies!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and feeling the monday motivation! So today whilst flipping through my Instagram feed, I realized that there are so many of you who are extremely talented.

So many of you have a lot of passion and potential I can see it in each and every instagram page. Understandably we all want to grow, be acknowledged for what we do. However nobody exactly tells you how you can improve and get to where you want to be, whether that’s building your following, bettering your photographs or just making friends and connections.

Although I’ve got a little *secret* I’m more than happy to share with you guys to help you to get to where you want to be. How you ask? Well if you sign up to our Guineapig Wheekly instagram sign up via the button below I’ll tell you how! We even had an inside inspiration quote from Fuzzberta the guineapig instagrammer herself!


Katie x

💞I’m pregnant!?!?! – ✨Surprise! What to do when your guinea pig is accidentally pregnant✨💞

im pregnant ! guineapig advice

Ahh! My guinea pig is pregnant what do I do?

Is exactly what ran through our minds when we brought home our guinea pig’s Ruby and Penny. Ruby was rescued from a farm at 7-8 weeks old where she wasn’t treated very well and Penny came from a pet shop and due to carelessness they were bred by the previous owners. If you’ve found yourself in the same boat and want to know what you can do to help your now pregnant sow guinea pig, here’s what you can do.

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✨💰Guinea pigs are costing me a bomb! – Enjoy your #smallpet whilst saving the pennies💰✨


Hello Wheeklies!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far! So today I really wanted to talk a bit about the financial side of actually keeping a guinea pig as a pet. Now many people can easily think with how small and cute a guinea pig is they’ll be a cheap pet to keep. They won’t need to spend alot of money on their guinea pig and in many ways this is far from the truth and here’s why.

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🍓 5 signs you’re an amazing pet owner🍓



Believe it or not it’s easy to take yourself for granted in a lot of ways and being a good pet owner can be one of them. Although having pets of any kind from fluffy dogs to wheekly cute guinea pigs can be tough work and a responsibility. You’ve gotta give yourself credit for those little things you do that make you an amazing pet owner and to help you realise that here are just a few of them.

  1. You make time in your day no matter how busy you are to care for that little furry. Feeding them , cleaning them and making sure they’re healthy .
  2. When you go out whether it’s with friends, to a store or grocery shop.You’re thinking of your furry friend and what you could possibly bring home to make him or her happy.
  3. Caring for your pet when they’re feeling under the weather , taking them to the vet and staying by their side.
  4. Loving them for who they are, how they look, how spunky their hair do is and for how unique they are. (p.s even loving them despite they fact they wake you up at 6 in the morning for breakfast).
  5. Lastly putting someone else before yourself , whether it’s giving them more room on the sofa as they snuggle up, sharing your blanket  or giving them the last strawberry in the bowl as they stare at you lovingly.

See I bet you didn’t realise just how good a pet owner you really are! If you have you own thoughts on what makes a good pet owner we’d love to hear. Simply comment below and if there’s anything you’d like to see guinea pig wheekly do we’d really appreciate your suggestions.

Katie x

A piggie interview with Helen & Bertie the #guineapig!

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Hello Wheeklies!

We’re super excited this wheek to share with you our latest guinea pig interview we did with the very talented Helen behind the Bertie guinea pig books! Helen has created a series of imaginative guinea pig story books which are sure to warm the heart , making them a much needed read before bedtime. Find out more about Helen and Berties adventures here!

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📚 Back to school tips: keeping your pet busy as you study! 📚


Hello wheeklies,

So it’s time to go back to school for many of you,  if you’re not then maybe you’re off to university or college. Understandably though once the holidays are over, we have less time during the day to occupy our furry friends.

Our pets like us can easily get bored and that’s why it’s important to give them things to do whilst we’re away to beat the boredom. It really can be tough balancing those important studies with caring for your furry. So here are 3 helpful tips that you can do before leaving for school, throughout the week to keep your piggie happy till you get home!

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✨A wheekly great announcement: #guineapig wheekly shop is open! ✨




Hello Wheeklies!

We have a very exciting announcement to make to you all. It took us a little while but we’ve launched our own Guineapig Wheekly shop!

I’ve spent most of the summer drawing up a load of guinea pig goodness to share with all of you, no matter where you are in the world.Making all sorts of goodies from greetings cards to notebooks, decal stickers and more there’s plenty for you to see and enjoy!

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