💞I’m pregnant!?!?! – ✨Surprise! What to do when your guinea pig is accidentally pregnant✨💞

im pregnant ! guineapig advice

Ahh! My guinea pig is pregnant what do I do?

Is exactly what ran through our minds when we brought home our guinea pig’s Ruby and Penny. Ruby was rescued from a farm at 7-8 weeks old where she wasn’t treated very well and Penny came from a pet shop and due to carelessness they were bred by the previous owners. If you’ve found yourself in the same boat and want to know what you can do to help your now pregnant sow guinea pig, here’s what you can do.

DSC_0074 (1)(Lovely feature picture taken by Alisa (@guinipigs on instagram)

It’s happened to us and no doubt it’ll happen to many other guinea pig owners because really when you bring a piggie home the last thing you expect to be is a guinea pig midwife. No doubt you’re all familiar with the story :

We bought a guinea pig home one day and over a period of days noticed her tummy became bloated, she was less active, eating more and generally rather hormonal. We had no idea why until one day we woke up to a few more furry surprises in her cage!


(picture taken by Alisa (@guinipigs on instagram)

So what signs are there that my guinea pig is pregnant?

  • Weight increase – Your guinea pig will gradually increase in weight as her babies grow, however if your guinea pig is very young this can be confused with general growth of your pet. (Note :Weigh your guinea pig weekly and keep note of her weight increase).
  • Body shape – Many of us refer to our guinea pigs as “potatoes” due to the shape their bodies naturally take. However we noticed with ruby and penny their bodies became more pear-shaped, gaining a firm roundness to their lower body.
  • Change in eating – Naturally a pregnant sow may eat more and  drink more than normal to have the energy to help her babies grow ( this may not always confirm pregnancy though).
  • Less likely to want to be handled – Guinea pigs are naturally skittish however a pregnant guinea pigs may become less active and not want to be held quite as much.

(Note: You can have a ultra sound scan done on your piggie to confirm if she’s carrying babies, however bear in mind this may incur a cost at your local vets.)


How long will my guinea pig be pregnant for? 

Guinea pig pregnancy periods often last  an average of 65 days, however if there’s more babies in her belly the pregnancy may last a little longer. We have heard the more babies she has, the smaller they will be and easier to birth. Bigger babies may cause the mummy piggie to struggle to push them out and if this is the case during her pregnancy please seek a vet!


What can I do now I’ve found out my guinea pig is pregnant?

There’s not a lot that can be done once you realize your guinea pig is in fact pregnant and expecting.  Although if you’re concerned for your  pregnant guinea pigs  health, we really recommend you take your piggie to a vet for a check over. Aside from this be sure to :

  • Feed her the nutrients and vitamins she needs everyday
  • Provide her comfort and a clean stress free environment
  • Access to plenty of fresh water & hay

We hope you found this blog post helpful, just a disclaimer that we are not trained vets and if you are concerned for your pet seek out a local vet to help you.

Katie & Steph x

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