👻🎃Happy Halloween! + the spookiest #guineapig you’ve ever seen …🎃👻


Happy Halloween everyone!

I bet you’re all excited and getting all spooky ready for some trick or treating! If you’re like me though and a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to halloween , then a night in with the guinea pigs sounds grand to. I hope you all have a wonderful halloween however you decide to spend it.

Check out our spooky piggie pumpkin drawing video to !

Katie x

🍎DIY : Homemade baked apple herb slices guinea pig treat recipe🍎

Hello Wheeklies!

Today I’m going to show you how much make Baked apple herb treat slices for your guinea pig, rabbit or hamster to enjoy!

What you will need :

  • 1x Apple ( pink lady apples work great!)
  • Mixed Herbs – Thyme , basil , parsley anything you like!
  • Grease proof paper
  • Baking tray
  • Chopping board & cutting knife
  • Oven (Bake at 90 c)

(Note : If you are under the age of 16 be sure to ask an adult for help)

Simply watch our video above for the whole tutorial! These yummy homemade treats are perfect for not only Guinea pig’s but also Rabbits and Hamsters as well! Please like , share and comment below , we hope you enjoyed this weeks videos and feel free to show us your yummy apple treats to.

Katie x

Note : Be sure to feed your pets treats like this in moderation due to sugar in them.

🎄🎅Guys look …Santa came early!🎅🎄


Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a wheekly great wednesday! Today I have an exciting announcement that our Guinea pig Wheekly Christmas cards are now available in our online shop!



I’ve illustrated 6 special guinea pig Christmas card designs ( one of which can only be found exclusively in the card set). The aim of this Christmas project is to help generate enough card sales to be able to donate a % of the profits to a UK Guinea pig charity.

So many guinea pig’s all over the UK are left abandoned in need of some TLC and its all those amazing rescues who give them the care they need. Funds generated from the sales will be put together to purchase a bulk of guinea pig items such as food, hay , treats  and toys to then ship to the selected charity which will be suggested and voted for by yourselves by December/ January.

Please like and share so we can achieve wheekly great things and help so many little rescue guinea pigs kick off 2016 to a great start!

Katie & Steph x

💦🐹 5 signs you’re gonna get peed on!💦



We’ve all been there before, you’re sat all gooey eyed at your little furry friend enjoying some quality time together.Suddenly you feel a strange warmth and notice a section of your jeans is darker than the rest. You my friend just got peed on!

My guinea pig peed on me!

I hear you squeal in the distance as you quickly scoop up your furry friend and scurry for some toilet roll. It can be tricky knowing when your small pet needs that bathroom break , partly because they don’t speak so can’t tell you. However here are 5 signs your guinea pig needs to go to the toilet and hopefully can help stop your guinea pig taking a leak in the wrong places.

  1. Fidgeting (i.e wait…something feels weird maybe I drank too much today)

  2. Pulling at your clothes or fabric (i.e excuse me would you mind taking me to the toilet I think I need to pee?)

  3. Nibbling you (i.e Hurry up I’m bursting here!)

  4. Becoming more vocal with squeaks and wheeks! ( i.e I’m holding it in and really need to go now!)

  5. Pacing and squatting in one spot ( i.e you’ve got 2 seconds before I’m gonna blow!)

Although in saying all this I’ve heard that when a Guinea pig pee’s on something they’re marking their territory. So you’re theirs to keep and love forever ( you lucky thing you ! )

Share with us your funny pet mishap moments and if there’s anything you’d love to see on the Guinea pig Wheekly uk let us know!

Katie x