🐹💦Achoo! Can my guinea pig catch a cold?💦🐹


What’s that? Your head is feeling groggy, your nose is all bunged up and you’re feeling pretty lousy. Sounds like you have a cold my friend! Not only now are you classed as the main contaminate in your whole household, but with that comes the worry of giving it to your pets.

Now as much as we love our small pets from hamsters to rats, rabbits and of course guinea pigs, each are different when it comes to catching a cold. Today we’re going to cover Guinea pigs ( who’d of guessed) and all your questions to ease your mind whilst you blow that runny nose.

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 Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Today we have some exciting updates to share with you.

imageUpdate one: New schedule!

We have a new wheekly schedule so you know exactly when new content over at the Guineapig Wheekly UK is going live.

Wheek wheek wednesdays – New Guineapig Wheekly blog posts

Friday – New youtube video live to our Guineapig Wheekly Channel from tips to Diy and now drawing videos!

Squeak scope sundays – Live Periscope Guineapig Wheekly broadcasts ( links to periscope will be live via our twitter @gpigwheekly and you need to periscope app to join in via mobile / or you can simply watch from your pc)


Update two : Expanding our sticker collections!

Since creating the so cute sticker collection there’s been lots of interest in creating more Guinea pig goodness in sticker form. So right now I’m working on putting together a few wheekly cute additions to add to our sticker family.

You’ll see more soon here on the blog and can check out our current sticker set over at our Guineapig Wheekly Shop.

Talk to you soon guys , enjoy the rest of your day!

Katie x

✨🐹 Going to the National pet show and you can join us to! 🐹 ✨


Hello Wheeklies!

So tomorow (sunday 8th nov 2015) we’ll be going to the National Pet Show at the Birmingham NEC! We’re so excited as there’s so much to see there from :
  • Vet & Pet talks
  • Rabbit jumping show
  • Small pet zone ( there are dog & cat zones to!)
  • Pet trade stands and more!
Since maybe some of you might not be able to make it to the Pet show or just wanna see what its all about. We’d like to invite you to a free quick 10 minute scope we’ll be hosting at the Pet show and maybe feature a special guest to!
You guys are more than welcome to sit in our Periscope live show at 11:00 oclock (UK time) tomorrow. It’s absolutely free and the link will be available on our twitter account @gpigwheekly tomorow.
Note: What is periscope? Periscope is a Live streaming app available for use on mobile devices ( check out the google play store or apple store to find it). Using Periscope you can search us ” Guineapig Wheekly” and tune in with us when we are live scoping. You’ll be able to see what we’re up to , comment and follow us for regular updates on when you can sit in on our scopes.
Katie x

🎅🎁It’s that time of year already!??!🎁🎅

christmas guide medium

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Hi everyone!

Yes its that time of year again where we have to start writing our Christmas lists in preparation to send all those presents off to Santa Piggie before Christmas day!

Here at the Guineapig Wheekly we wanted to put something wheekly special together,  the perfect Guinea pig Christmas gift guide to find everything you need for a wheekly great Christmas! Be sure to check out these lovely little UK shops, help support small business and all the Christmas guinea pig gift goodness they bring!

Katie x