🍁🐹Creative fall inspired ways to decorate your pets cage !🐹🍁

autumn colage

Hello Wheeklies!

Well the seasons have certainly changed and the leaves on all the tree’s are beginning to fall. Even though things are getting slightly chillier now that summer has gone that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun this season! If you didn’t catch our summer inspirational cage theme’s blog you can do so here.


” Rustling leaves cage theme by Melvin the Pig 

“Behold Melvin’s Palace! Melvin the hairless guinea pig is the sweetest, most loving pig I have ever met. He is always up for a good snuggling and gives kisses to everyone he meets. Melvin loves when his palace is decorated for every season. The current theme is all about fall! Pumpkins and leaves all around. The best part about this theme is that it’s just as lovely at night. Hanging on the back of his pen is a string of pumpkin lights! At the bottom are two jack-o-lanterns that also light up and change colours. You may be thinking “What a lucky pig!” but really folks, I am the lucky one to have such an amazing piggy son.”

“We’re off to see the wizard! Cage theme by Cari’s little piggies”

Although its not quite guinea pig Cari of the “Cari’s little piggies” youtube channel created this adorable cage theme for her Hamster Marmalade. She based her idea off the popular story ” Wizard of Oz” and create a collection of whimsical cage pieces ( including a yellow brick road!) to really pull the theme off. What do you guy’s think of it ?

PicMonkey Collage

Lastly here are 3 more inspirational little theme features by Miriam ( Hello Hammy), Laura ( Piggiepigpigs) and Lucy ( Looboosshedzoo)

We hope you enjoy our Autumn themed inspirational cage theme post! There’s so many different ways you can find inspiration in the fall season and create a cage theme your pet can be proud of. Be sure to check out the lovely creative people featured here!

Katie x

4 thoughts on “🍁🐹Creative fall inspired ways to decorate your pets cage !🐹🍁

  1. does anyone know how hello hammy is doing? I miss her videos lots and her last video made me really worried. I hope she is doing well.


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