🐹💦Achoo! Can my guinea pig catch a cold?💦🐹


What’s that? Your head is feeling groggy, your nose is all bunged up and you’re feeling pretty lousy. Sounds like you have a cold my friend! Not only now are you classed as the main contaminate in your whole household, but with that comes the worry of giving it to your pets.

Now as much as we love our small pets from hamsters to rats, rabbits and of course guinea pigs, each are different when it comes to catching a cold. Today we’re going to cover Guinea pigs ( who’d of guessed) and all your questions to ease your mind whilst you blow that runny nose.


Can my Guinea pig catch a cold?

So to answer your question on whether guinea pigs can catch a cold the answer is yes but of a different kind. Guinea pigs are more susceptible to respiratory infections due to their sensitive respiratory systems.

What kind of respiratory infections can guinea pigs catch from humans? Well it’s mainly through coughing and sneezing that the germ particles are dispersed into the air.


How can I reduce the chances of my Guinea pig catching anything?

If you have a particularly bad cough or cold I would  mostly likely leave your guinea pig’s be to prevent passing anything on that could make them ill as well.  Items such as water based air purifiers can help to clean the air of any germs, however just be careful if you’re using essential oils such as Peppermint ( which has anti bacterial properties) that the aroma’s aren’t overpowering or close to your pigs.

I hope you found this post helpful! We’ll be sure to do more posts on other pets if you’d like us to, just let us know in the comments below!

Katie x

Disclaimer : I am not a qualified vet , if at all you feel your Guinea pig is under the weather or out of sorts please seek the advice of a local vet near you.



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