🎄🎁🐹Guineapigs as Christmas Presents?🐹🎁🎄

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Now every year we all get so excited to complete our Christmas wish list in time before Santa gets here. This year, everyones wish list is no doubt different to their last. Sometimes on this Christmas wish list is a guinea pig. Although asking for a pet or giving a pet as a gift at Christmas may seem like a good idea, there are some things to take into account before you top that piggie with a pretty bow and pop it under the Christmas tree.

1. Pets are for Life, not just Christmas.

Guinea pigs, like children, are a long term commitment. Although they’re cute, they need daily care, and such, to stay in good health. You also need to be confident in knowing you have the time, resources and finances to care for your new piggie and that you’re in it for the long hall.

2. Responsibility and Piggie Passion

Pets come with a need for maturity and responsibility. This is really important when having a new pet, as sadly, in some cases, novelty can wear off and people can lose interest in their pets.

3. Do your Research Beforehand!

Make sure you research guinea pig care and basics before even bringing a guinea pig home. There’s lots of important things to know before hand so you’re prepared in advance such as:

  • Which gender of guinea pig to get? (Boar or Sow)
  • Knowing that guinea pigs need to be in pairs (two females or two males)
  • Health care and daily requirement of Vitamin C in their diet along with fresh hay and pellets.
  • Cage types ideal for your new guinea pigs and more.

4. Adopt vs Shop

Now we truly cannot express how important is it to consider adopting a guineapig from a local rescue vs purchasing one from a pet shop. Hundreds of guinea pigs end up in rescues each year all over the UK due to being unwanted or brought in due to owners not being able to keep them anymore. “You” can make a big difference and make a guineapigs Christmas 2015 a happy one by adopting, vs buying, and bringing one home. Some guinea pigs end up in rescues for months or years waiting for adoption so just think of what a difference you can make this year.

We hope you enjoyed this Guineapig Wheekly UK post!

Katie x

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