✨🐹Do your bit to help your local small pet #guineapig rescue!🐹✨

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Many piggy rescue centres need extra support over the festive period. There are so many ways you can help them out and make a difference in ways you might not realise. You can even play Secret Santa! Here’s how….

What is the Guinea pig Secret Santa Project?

The Guinea Pig Secret Santa Project started out in 2010 on The Guinea Pig Forum, as a way for rescue centres to get extra supplies over Christmas. The project is run by a single volunteer from Potty for Piggies, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting rescues and providing advice to piggy owners.
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Rescue centres worldwide can register to be on Santa’s list – this year the project is spread across 47 rescues in five countries! Kind-hearted piggy lovers then express their interest in donating a parcel, and are matched up with an individual piggy in need. There are around 300 registered “Santas” this year so that’s a lot of parcels!

Although it is a bit late to get involved in this year’s Secret Santa Project, there are other ways in which piggy lovers can help their local rescue!
  • Donations of food, hay, toys or medicines are always gratefully received.
  • Many rescues have an Amazon wishlist, to make it easy for you to choose a gift and have it sent directly to the centre.
  • Maybe you could help by using your hidden talents! If you enjoy crafting you could make candles, jewellery or Christmas cards to sell and donate the proceeds to your local rescue.
  • Some rescues offer the chance to sponsor a piggy at their centre, to help pay for treatment costs, or you could even become a volunteer!
The Guinea Pig Secret Santa Project - Opera 30122015 150717.bmp
The best way to help out your local rescue though is to ADOPT a piggy (or piggies)! If you have the time and space to do this, it helps relieve the pressure on the rescue centre, and is so rewarding for you and your new little piggy friend(s)! So this Christmas, spare a thought for all the homeless piggies and send some festive cheer their way!
Find out more about the secret santa project here!

About the author: Nicola
Hi I’m Nicola! A guinea pig named Fuzzypeg captured my heart almost fifteen years ago, and I have been dedicated to these amusing and adorable critters ever since!
Website coming soon!

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