3 signs you’re gonna get poo’d on! #guineapig #eww


Eww what’s that smell? Looking down you notice a little brown smelly pellet and within seconds they’ve multiplied! Yep like the rest of us a Guinea pig’s gotta do what its gotta do and that’s a poo.

Sure they’re smelly and not quite as bad as getting pee’d on although poop’s aren’t that great and so here’s 3 signs that little furry friend is due to leave you a present!


When its time to take a dump you might notice your little friend lift their bottom’s slightly in order shoot that poop rocket out onto your lap.

2. More active than usual huh little piggie?

Now I’m not saying that your guinea pig will break into an expressive dance to tell you he needs a trip to the toilet but he’ll maybe start moving around or in circles as a sign he needs the loo.

3. Squeaky squeak squeak

Though we don’t speak guinea pig they certainly give us a what for if during lap time they need to take a dump. If you notice your guinea pig becomes more vocal (although there are other reasons why they might be such as wanting veggies) simply pop them back into their cage. Once they’ve done their business you can happily get them out again!

We hope you enjoyed this little blog post guys and it made you laugh! If there’s anything you’d like to see Guineapig Wheekly do please comment below and maybe tell us your guinea pig poop stories?

Katie x

👎🐹3 Easy to make #guineapig mistakes!🐹👎


We all make mistakes and they’re often just results of things we don’t yet understand and need to learn about. When it comes to having a #guineapig or any pet for that matter giving it the care and attention it needs is a top priority as a pet owner!

Therefore it’s important to know all the in’s and out when it comes to guinea pig care, so here’s 3 easy to make guinea pig mistakes many pet owners can make!

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🎁🐹A big thank you + care packages + lots of #guineapig goodness!🐹🎁

PicMonkey Collage

Back in November 2015 I put together a couple of guinea pig doodles and thought why not make a guinea pig Christmas card collection. Since it was the season of giving it also made sense to do good with my talents and so through selling these guinea pig Christmas cards, I decided to donate a % of the profits  towards creating a care package for a Guinea pig UK charity rescue.

Would you like to know what happened next?


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✨🐹A piggie interview with Patrice the #guineapig !🐹✨


Hello everyone! We’re very excited to share with you our interview with the lovely little Patrice! She is quite the guinea pig celebrity and not to mentioned a professional model. Both Patrice and her owner Lorri strive to spread the word about good guinea pig care and opening up others to adopt vs shop.

Read more of our interview with Patrice and Lorri here!

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✨ Have you made your #pet new year resolution?✨


Come on we’ve all been there haven’t we , Christmas flies by and before you know it everyone is asking you “What new year’s resolution will you make this year?”.

I’m gonna lose weight!

( but we’ll start our diet next week ….)

I’m gonna save money!

(After we’ve spoiled the guinea pig’s rotten)

I’m gonna get fit and exercise all year long!

( as we sit there munching on chocolate … you get the jist)

Although have you thought about making a “Pet new year’s resolution”?  Kate what is a pet new years resolution? Well a pet new years resolution is a shared resolution you and your pet can both work on achieving ( its always better to do things together right!)

So here’s some examples of pet new year resolutions you can make for 2016  with your furry friend seeing them through!

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