✨🐹A piggie interview with Patrice the #guineapig !🐹✨


Hello everyone! We’re very excited to share with you our interview with the lovely little Patrice! She is quite the guinea pig celebrity and not to mentioned a professional model. Both Patrice and her owner Lorri strive to spread the word about good guinea pig care and opening up others to adopt vs shop.

Read more of our interview with Patrice and Lorri here!


Q1. Hello there little guinea pig why don’t you introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Patrice the Guinea Pig and I’m an ambassa-pig for guinea pig adoption and health care. I have my own Facebook and Instagram pages and I love to share cute pictures of myself as well as discussing healthcare tips and adoption advocacy!

Q2. So little Patrice why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be such a super star?

I’m a sheltie with beautiful long white and brown hair. I dislike hair cuts and pedicures, but I love veggie snacks, cuddles and floor time! My human is a graphic designer and she wanted to share my story (and stunning good looks!) with the world!

Q3. What was it like being an RSPCA guinea pig & your adoption story?

I was surrendered to the RSPCA, where I lived for nine months before I was adopted – I became quite popular with the staff! I don’t socialise well with other guinea pigs so it was a condition of my adoption that I live alone. I’m so glad that I now have a wonderful home, with a doting family who care for me, clean up after me, and brush my hair!


Q4. What led you to becoming an ambassa-pig for guinea pig adoption and healthcare?

Guinea pig care information isn’t always available at pet shops, and unfortunately people are sometimes sold guinea pigs without being properly informed about how to look after them. I was once asked if guinea pigs eat meat! I decided to create a fun and educational Facebook page to share diet and healthcare tips!

I want to send the message that “pocket pets” are not disposable, and deserve as much love and care as any other animals. I like to encourage discussion with my followers to promote an ongoing dialogue about guinea pig care. I was lucky enough to be adopted but there are many guinea pigs that need forever homes, so I believe adoption is incredibly important.

Q5. What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not running around the floor with my fur-skirts fluttering, I like to rest my chin on my food bowl and watch the family. Also, I love seeing the pictures of other guinea pigs that our followers send us!


Q6. Favourite treat?

Corn husk! My owner eats the corn, I eat the husk! I like when my human tears it into strips, which I slurp like spaghetti!

Q7. Personal quote?

Adopt, don’t shop!

A big thank you to Lorri and Patrice for doing this interview with us! If you have any great ideas for our next piggie post comment below and we’ll make it happen!

Katie x

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