💞🐹Happy #valentines + let’s draw!🐹💞


Hello everyone!

Happy Valentines ! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend filled with love. We’re feeling all lovey dovey at Guineapig Wheekly HQ! Today I’ll be showing you how to draw Charlie with his valentine, so grab your pens and pencils and join in!

P.s Please feel free to share your valentine #guineapig drawings with us on twitter, facebook or instagram! We’d love to see and spread the guineapig goodness.

Katie x

😝🐹Monday Blues + finding your #motivation!🐹😝

wp-1454321946684.jpg1. Start by refueling yourself with a good breakfast.

You know how we piggies love to eat and need lots of energy for popcorning around later in the day. Eating a healthy meal will make you feel better from the inside out and ready to conquer the world.

2. Put on your best outfit.

Surely you always want to look your best and Monday’s are no different. Even if it’s tempting to stay in your jammies all day. Tie a cute bow in your hair or put some lettuce on your head and you’ll be feeling like a million dollars. Ready to look Monday in the face in no time.

3. Have a cuddle!

There’s nothing a little snuggle to chase the blues away. Spend some quality time with your favorite person or piggy friend. Surely they’ll appreciate the time together as much as you do.

If all else fails, be happy Monday’s only happen one day a week it will be the weekend again before you know it!

Have a Wheekly Wonderful Monday Everyone!

Charlie x