🌟🐹A year gone by and a thank you from me🐹🌟


 Looking back on the Guineapig Wheekly UK after it turned a year old last wednesday ( 23rd of March) I can’t believe how far we’ve come.  The Guineapig Wheekly UK has made so many new friends, there’s around 10,000 of you now all together and I just really wanted to thank  you for all your support over the past year. Here’s to many more wheekly cute and fun filled years together.

Thanks for helping me to grow.

Katie x

🎂🐹Guineapig wheekly birthday present from me to you …???🎂🐹


birthday promo

This week is the  🐹 ‪#‎Guineapig‬ Wheekly UK’s 1st birthday 🐹 and to celebrate we’re hosting a competition on Facebook and Instagram pages to give away… 

 ​A A4 Custom piggie portrait print of your pet worth £50 each! 

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Lots of love and Guineapig kisses

Katie x

🐝🐹Spring time fun colouring tips & advice🐹🐝

Hello Wheeklies!

So the lovely Lucy from the Pen Company kindly sent us some Tombow artist brush pens to play with not to long ago and I have to say I’ve had tuns of fun with them! So much so I made a colouring tips video just for you and its spring themed ( how exciting!).


You’ll find lots of useful tips in my colouring video that may spark inspiration to even start yourself! If you’d like to try colouring yourself its a great way to relax and de-stress after a busy week, be sure to give the Tombow pens a try I think you’ll love them! They’re just like drawing with watercolours, blend beautifully and add vibrant splashes of colour to any drawing with ease.

Love and Guinea pig kisses,

Katie x

💤🐹He’s keeping me up at night!?!?!🐹💞 Tip’s if your#Guineapig keeps you up at night.😜💤



It’s 10 o’clock you’re cosy in bed and soundly drifting off to sleep after counting  sheep piggies in your head. Then all of a sudden you hear the rustle and bustle of some very cheeky furries who’ve pottered their way up to the front of their cage.

Whether its chewing the bars, pottering around making lots of noise or having a party till early hours our piggies can really disrupt our sleep. Even though I’m sure they don’t mean it and don’t speak english there are reasons behind why your guinea pig is causing so much noise and here’s why :

I’m bored… really bored!

One reason why your beloved furrie ( whether guinea pig or hamster) maybe making a racket is because they’re bored! If they’ve been inactive during the day then give them more floor time, handling and  create something stimulating for them to play with and do whilst you’re away or asleep.

My belly needs some munchies 🙂 

Generally the reason why your little one is also making so much noise is because they’re hungry! Fill up the food bowl, make them a snack and pop out plenty of hay for them to chow down on whilst you snooze.

It’s a habit!

Some guinea pigs and hamsters even get the itch and just find that being disruptive at night and chewing the bars is a pretty cool habit! Habits can be hard to break but if you work  on the following tips on solving your pets night-time nibbles then it might help you get a sound night’s sleep!

Hope you found this post helpful!

Katie x