🍟🍔🐹To much of a good thing! – How much food should I feed my #Guineapig ?🐹🍔🍟


(Disclaimer : Guinea pigs can’t eat burgers / cake / spaghetti  etc they’re strictly vegan so the above image is purely for fun! Katie x)

To much of a good thing is bad for you or so I’ve been told! I know very well that during early morning wake up’s from my beloved Gigi whom wants his breakfast. (que cute picture that would make you think butter wouldn’t melt) It’s easy to over fill his food bowl to stop him from keeping me up!

However, one handful ( I have tiny hands by the way but to be accurate it works out 1/8th of a cup I think) could quickly turn into two, as his chewing persists or maybe he’s just generally really really hungry? It’s easy to overfed your guinea pig – but generally how much should I feed my guinea pig? Now recently, we were approached by Janine from “Stay Bowl” whose created a “no tip” food bowl especially for guinea pigs!

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🎆🐹5 things you didn’t know about a #Guineapig wizard!🐹🎆

6325271_origHi everyone!

So I recently posted onto instagram a “ask me questions” post as I really wanted us to get to know each other a bit better. Especially since the Guineapig Wheekly UK became 1 year last month! So here it is my question and answers!

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