🌼🐹A piggie interview with Sarah of Squeak Dreams!🐹🌼


Hello Everyone!

Today we are super excited to be doing a very special interview with the lovely Sarah from Squeak Dreams! Sarah  (Lyra , Twiglet and Willow) were happy to do a little piggie interview with us to tell us about their youtube channel and all the wheekly exciting things they get up to!

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💩🐹Why does my piggie smell so bad! – 3 reasons behind a smelly #guineapig 🐹💩


There’s nothing better than smelling your best! Well when it comes to our guinea pigs though they’re cute they don’t exactly always smell like a bunch of roses. Cookie and Gigi as cute as my two male boars are, are very pongy indeed and I always ponder why my guinea pigs are so smelly! I replace the fleece regularly , spot clean everyday and yet still the stinky smell persists and comes back with vengeance .

After pondering on the fact no doubt yourself I thought of  3 reasons why your guinea pig smells so bad and ways you can beat the pong!

  1.  Wee wee wee! : – Many guinea pigs especially breeds with lovely long locks can easily collect urine in their bum fluff. Unless its kept on top of the urine dries and individual strands of hair can collect together and cause a strong smell of ammonia. Hence its important to regularly check your long guinea pigs butts , trim the hair and schedule washes to prevent further smelly bums , hair becoming matted and potential skin irritation.


  1. Guineapig B-O! – Male guinea pigs I’ve realized let off a scent ( I call it “guinea pig BO”) when they’re both marking their patch or slightly hormonal there’s this unpleasant whiff I notice that enters the room. It’s a normal pong especially when they are growing up from being babies into adults however it’s not particularly nice I have to say! Usually I ensure to give Cookie and Gigi  not only a shallow bath but also clean their grease glands and ensure their bottoms are clean as male piggies often scoot their butts across the floor and gosh knows what goes up there!


  1. Those smelly number 2’s! – Guinea pig poos although they often don’t smell hugely, you may notice that if your piggies poops are soft from an upset tummy from to much veg then they will smell pretty bad! Soft guinea pig poops can also be easily squished by your guinea pigs feet causing the squishy code browns to collect under their nails and folds of their feet. To combat this maybe give your piggies a bit of a veggie break, notice which vegetable you’re giving them triggers this tummy upset and gently clean their feet to remove any smelly poo leftover from getting onto your clothes during laptime.

I hope you found this piggie post helpful! If you have a question you like us to answer in a guineapig wheekly blog post then pop a comment below!

Talk to you soon!

Katie x

🚅🐹A #guineapig adventure in #london! Come with us to the UK Blog Awards 2016 🐹🚅

london thumbnail.jpg

Hello Wheeklies!

Well its been quite the busy and crazy past few weeks! I hope you’re all doing well? What have you been up to?  As some of you may or may not know in January this year the Guineapig Wheekly UK was shortlisted thanks to all your votes in the UK Blog awards of 2016. I made a little vlog of the day for you to come along with me and so we can experience it all together.

 Sadly we didn’t get to explore london that day but maybe sometime soon we can go again.

Katie x