🌼🐹A piggie interview with Sarah of Squeak Dreams!🐹🌼


Hello Everyone!

Today we are super excited to be doing a very special interview with the lovely Sarah from Squeak Dreams! Sarah  (Lyra , Twiglet and Willow) were happy to do a little piggie interview with us to tell us about their youtube channel and all the wheekly exciting things they get up to!


  1. Hello there! Why not tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Sarah and I run the Squeak Dreams YouTube channel and make cosy items for piggies.  Outside of all things guinea pig I also work as an ecologist, exploring the outdoors looking for plants and animals, which I love!  After a long day at work I am greeted by my three gorgeous piggies: Twiglet, Willow and Lyra.  They inspire me to create and share videos about guinea pig care, behaviour and health, as well as the occasional vlog of course.  The piggies also enjoy the luxuries in life, in particular testing out my cosy creations!

  1. When and how did your passion for Guinea pigs start?

    I have owned piggies for over 10 years now, and I cannot ever see myself without them in my life.  I first got guinea pigs when I was in secondary school, I remember how excited I was when the day came to go and pick up a pair of female piggies.  Or so we thought… they actually turned out to be two males!  Ross and Joey were huge characters, and I have such fond memories of them.  They kick-started my passion for these wonderful pets, and I haven’t looked back since.

3.What sparked the idea to make your own piggie products and where did the name “squeak dreams” come from?

I started to design and sew my own products after being inspired by other youtubers to give it a go!  I discovered I had a knack for sewing, and as time has gone on I have improved and expanded my range of products.  The name ‘Squeak Dreams’ came about when I was discussing what to name my Etsy shop,  the idea of ‘Sweet Dreams’ rapidly evolved into ‘Squeak Dreams’, which just stuck!


  1. What plans does Squeak dreams have for 2016!

After launching my new Slipper Snugs, I have a few more plans I’d love to realise this year.  Coming soon I aim to start taking custom orders again using a new selection of fabric choices.  Also, following lots of requests, I would love to put some of my designs into a pattern form available to download on Etsy, so that people can create their own cosy items.  Watch this space!

  1. Lastly what’s your personal recipe for a happy piggie?

Here goes!


Tonnes of hay

A generous amount of fresh vegetables and forages

Plenty of space to enjoy life

A sprinkling of pellets

Several slurps of water

Piggie friends for company

Combine together, whilst adding unlimited human love, care and attention along the way… et voila, happy piggies!  And as we all know, happy piggies = happy owners!

Twiglet, Willow, Lyra and I want to say a huge thank you to Katie at Guineapig Wheekly for giving us this opportunity to contribute to her wonderful blog!  Thank you Katie!

It’s been super fun getting to know more about Sarah , Lyra , Willow and Twiglet and all they get up to on the squeak dreams youtube channel! You can find out more about Sarah here  and a big thank you to her for doing this lovely little interview with us!

Katie x

3 thoughts on “🌼🐹A piggie interview with Sarah of Squeak Dreams!🐹🌼

  1. Any advice on introducing a friend to a male 5 month old guinea pig. My daughter got really attached to a male who is on his own at the pet store. But wondering if he needs a friend.


    1. Hello Gabriella! Thanks so much for popping by and commenting :). A 5 month old guineapig is still a baby in a way and not quite yet met adulthood. You can introduce them in a sectioned run ( one piggie one side and the other on the opposing side. Let them sniff and place hay there so they can smell and see each other. You should watch out for any teeth chattering to a high level and if so one piggie is anxious and not to keen on the other. Boys can be a little trickier to pair than girls.Keep trying this general bonding and see how they get along. I wouldn’t recommend just putting them together in case they attack each other and cause any harm. Monitor their behaviour but if your current piggie is confident maybe look for a calm timid piggie to accompany him. Piggies do need friends they’re not supposed to be ideally kept single unless there’s specific reason .Hope this helps! katie


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