✨🐹🐹Everyone needs a friend! – The importance of paired piggies! #guineapig 🐹🐹✨


Guinea pigs are highly social herd animals who truly flourish with company of their own kind! No matter how much attention an owner lavishes on their pet piggy, a human is no substitute for a furry friend.

The importance of having two or more guinea pigs is evident in all aspects of your pet’s life. Whether it’s cosying up for warmth and comfort during illness, providing reassurance and friendly chatter to a new arrival, or playing and popcorning together during floor time, piggy pals are an essential source of companionship and interaction!

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✨🚂🐹 Saved by the bell! : A story of the railway #guineapigs 🐹✨

Recently, I stumbled across a little guinea pig news piece which truly touched my heart. It made me appreciate all the good that is in the world and admire those who would selflessly go out of their way to save a life. As even little lives are important. I hope to read to you the story of the rescued railway piggies and are touched by it as much as I was. So, where to start? I contacted Jessica  from the “New Be Guineaings Rescue” and asked if she would share a little more about her story.

Wheekly update : New Friends have arrived! #guineapig surprises!

Hello wheeklies!

Happy Sunday everyone! How is your weekend going ? We have wheekly exciting news to share with you so here goes. We had 3 rather adorable surprises arrive a few days back…what’s that you’d like to know what they were? Well click above to watch our youtube video and you’ll find out :D.

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This week I also have some new piggie products in the guineapig wheekly online shop and etsy shop to show you all! There’s all sorts from stickers to sticker sets , badges and a uni piggie box!

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Be sure to check it out! 😀


Katie x