A piggie interview with Charlotte from Sugar and Spice piggies!


We have a wheekly exciting piggie interview to share with you all today! Charlotte is the creative lady behind the Sugar and Spice Guineapigs youtube channel. Charlotte makes a mixture of helpful small pet videos from general guineapig care to haul and creative cage themes!


1. Hello there! Why not tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Charlotte, 24, own four beautiful piggies, a Maltese called Button & run the Youtube channel Sugar & Spice Piggies. Since I can remember I’ve loved animals & have always wanted to work with them. I studied a two year Animal Management Course at College which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also spent my extra time doing work experience at a local Veterinary Practice & Pet Shop where I gained lots of hands on experience with all types of animals. Other than animals, I have a keen interest in art & interior design. Shabby chic & pink are my all time favourites!


2. When and how did your passion for Guinea pigs start?

Despite my love for animals, I’d never actually owned piggies till I was in my early-mid teens. I’d only ever had rabbits before, but after bringing my first piggies home I knew they were the perfect small furry for me! I then had a break from owning Guinea Pigs for around 6 or 7 years. In this time I’d missed hearing their wheeks & seeing their cute little piggy lips. So around two years ago I decided to take the plunge and buy two Peruvian babies. I named them Clara & Arabella. Ever since owning them, my love for pigs has grown even stronger. Being an adult has made me appreciate them much more than I had as a child. Since I enjoyed having them even more as an adult, I brought home another piggy to join the group. It’s been a snowball effect since then!


3.What sparked the idea to make your own piggie channel and where did the name “Sugar and Spice Piggies” come from?

I didn’t even know that pet channels existed until I started searching for fleece beds on Google. I came across Laura from Piggiepigpigs & shortly after, Cari’s Little Piggies. After finding even more channels & watching them for a few months, I thought that I could do this. Cari especially inspired me to get creative with my cage & was the main reason I started.

I previously ran a fashion blog, so had experience with putting myself out there on the internet. I’d also had comments saying they thought I’d be great for Youtube & so with all of this in mind, I started Sugar & Spice Piggies.

The name wasn’t hard to come up with surprisingly. My fashion blog was called Sugar & Spice, so to keep it cohesive, Sugar & Spice Piggies just came naturally.

4. What plans does Sugar and Spice Piggies have for 2016!

My plans are pretty simple really! I want to keep posting regularly & come up with more creative ideas. I love making little skits with the pigs & so for the upcoming holidays, I’d love to do more now I have four pigs. So definitely watch out for those!


5. Lastly what’s your personal recipe for a happy piggie?

My personal recipe for a happy piggy would be,

– As large a cage as possible (at least the minimum!)

– Plenty of enrichment – whether that be toys or hides

– Bales of glorious green hay & buckets of fresh veggies

– And last but not least, a family of piggy friends to play with!
As long as you have the basics, any pig will thrive. Though if you can provide more, please do – they will show their appreciation through popcorns & zoomies 🙂

A big thank you to Charlotte and her piggies for doing this wheekly exciting interview with us! Be sure to check out Charlottes youtube channel to stay tuned with her upcoming videos!

Wheek wheek for now!

Katie & the piggies x

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