A piggie interview with Lucky and Sunny Guineapigs!


Prepare to meet the most adorable new piggie additions to the instagram guineapig world Lucky and Sunny! Iris their owner and official guinea pig mum takes adorable themed guinea pig pictures through her iphone taking lucky and sunny on adorable adventures! Find out more about her and her piggies in our exclusive interview!


1. Where did the name “Lucky Sunny Guinea Pigs” come from?

It comes from the names of my two piggies, Lucky and Sunny. I wanted to give them positive names.  I got Lucky in 2016, the year my father passed away. 2016 had been a really hard year because of that and it just seemed there was no end to all the bad things. Then on the last day of 2016 (31-12-2016), I decided I was going to pick up a piggy from a local rescue, and I also got the news that my brother’s fiancé was pregnant. This was very special and bittersweet; 2016 still got a miraculously positive ending. I felt like life should take a turn for the better in 2017, and named my piggy Lucky because I thought she was a sign of Luckier times that were about to come.

I got Sunny about 6 months after getting Lucky, because my piggy Moeske passed away and Lucky needed a buddy. This new baby piggy was such a little bundle of energy and happiness, she just lit up the room. I wanted to give Lucky’s new buddy a positive name as well, that’s how I thought of the name Sunny.

unnamed (1)

2. How did your passion for guineapigs start?

My passion for guinea pigs started when I was three years old. My older brother got a guinea pig because he fell in love with them after seeing one at his friend’s house. This was our first piggy, and he lived to be 8 years old. I’ve been hooked ever since..

unnamed (2)
3. What sparked the idea to make your own piggie profiles on social media?

I was making pictures of Lucky with balloons and a party hat for my boyfriend’s birthday, and realized how much fun it was to have your guinea pigs as models. I really wanted to share the pictures I made for that birthday shoot as well. That’s when I made my Instagram page and realized I wanted to do more photoshoots. Ever since it’s been a way for me to express my creativity, because I don’t have much talent for creating art lol.

unnamed (4)

4. What’s your most favourite Instagram you’ve ever posted and who online inspires you?

My favourite picture is probably the one of Lucky with the sushi and the kimono. It was probably the first more complex shoot I did. I had so much trouble getting a good picture during that shoot and wasn’t satisfied at all. I started to think I was just bad at photography and that previous good pictures I made were just a fluke. Then I looked at the results and edited them, and voila, I had apparently made a beautiful picture. It was special because I didn’t think I had it in me, and it motivated me to keep pursuing becoming a better photographer.

unnamed (3)

I have many favourite accounts, I’ll name just a few, especially because these inspire me to make better content:
@guineapigwheekly (of course, I mean come on, cutest guinea pig merch ever)
@wearetheguineapigs (underrated account for sure)
@guineapigture (goals)
@miepstheguineapig (goals)

5. Personal recipe for a happy piggie?

Everything they need for good health: at least 1 buddy, a large cage, good hay and pellets and sufficient veggies. Apart from those things I think it is very important to show your guinea pig that you genuinely love them. They will return this love unconditionally. I personally believe that guinea pigs can understand your intentions. Even if they don’t trust you right away, they will realize it if you have good intentions toward them. A genuine bond with their human is what I think makes piggies most happy.

Thanks so much to Iris , Lucky and Sunny for their awesome interview!  You can check our her instagram here and be sure to subscribe to Iris and her piggies social channels on instagram , facebook and youtube to see their adorable pigtures daily!

Katie and Piggies

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