✨Let me tell you about our Guineapig Wheekly Patreon group!✨



Hello my lovely guineapig wheekly friends!

I hope you’re having a wheekly wonderful day! So I have a very exciting announcement both myself and the piggies have set up a “guineapig wheekly piggie pal patreon group” wahoooooo!


So you might be wondering “What is Patreon?”

Well patreon is a safe creative platform for creative people from illustrators to photographers to create exciting monthly membership clubs and communities for their friends and followers.

It’s a place exclusive to members where you can access lots of exciting things you wouldn’t see outside of the group before anyone else. Each groups varies but the Guineapig Wheekly piggie pals club is split into two tiers (see the pigture below) with a variety of rewards and wheekly fun stuff!



 There’s a $2 monthly club (around £1.50 in gbp *) where you receive free online downloadables (from wallpapers, mobile backgrounds etc)access to our patreon feed doodle chat videos, play a big part in the products and designs we make together and more!

Or there is my $10 monthly club (around £7.50 in gbp *) group where you’ll receive a 5 piece sticker set each month with *free shipping , a 15% membership discount in the GPW shop and all the benefits of the previous tier!


*Please note that prices may change in currency value depending on the current exchange rate from US dollar to your chosen currency and where applicable Patreon add the appropriate tax for their service (not charged by the guineapig wheekly) depending on the country you live in.

What do I intend to do with the patreon pennies via memberships?

So the money received from your wonderful piggie pal membership helps to pay for the materials used to create your kits, packaging and the postage to ship them to you, pennies for time and investing in new materials to make new content / videos to grow gpw even more! It helps to support me to keep creating and doing what I love which makes you happy to!

If you’d like to check out my piggie patreon pal group click the button below!


Hope to see you there my guineapig wheekly friend!

Katie and piggies x