🐝🐹Spring time fun colouring tips & advice🐹🐝

Hello Wheeklies!

So the lovely Lucy from the Pen Company kindly sent us some Tombow artist brush pens to play with not to long ago and I have to say I’ve had tuns of fun with them! So much so I made a colouring tips video just for you and its spring themed ( how exciting!).


You’ll find lots of useful tips in my colouring video that may spark inspiration to even start yourself! If you’d like to try colouring yourself its a great way to relax and de-stress after a busy week, be sure to give the Tombow pens a try I think you’ll love them! They’re just like drawing with watercolours, blend beautifully and add vibrant splashes of colour to any drawing with ease.

Love and Guinea pig kisses,

Katie x

💞🐹Happy #valentines + let’s draw!🐹💞


Hello everyone!

Happy Valentines ! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend filled with love. We’re feeling all lovey dovey at Guineapig Wheekly HQ! Today I’ll be showing you how to draw Charlie with his valentine, so grab your pens and pencils and join in!

P.s Please feel free to share your valentine #guineapig drawings with us on twitter, facebook or instagram! We’d love to see and spread the guineapig goodness.

Katie x

🍎DIY : Homemade baked apple herb slices guinea pig treat recipe🍎

Hello Wheeklies!

Today I’m going to show you how much make Baked apple herb treat slices for your guinea pig, rabbit or hamster to enjoy!

What you will need :

  • 1x Apple ( pink lady apples work great!)
  • Mixed Herbs – Thyme , basil , parsley anything you like!
  • Grease proof paper
  • Baking tray
  • Chopping board & cutting knife
  • Oven (Bake at 90 c)

(Note : If you are under the age of 16 be sure to ask an adult for help)

Simply watch our video above for the whole tutorial! These yummy homemade treats are perfect for not only Guinea pig’s but also Rabbits and Hamsters as well! Please like , share and comment below , we hope you enjoyed this weeks videos and feel free to show us your yummy apple treats to.

Katie x

Note : Be sure to feed your pets treats like this in moderation due to sugar in them.

Inspirationally creative ways to decorate your furry pets home!

PicMonkey Collage

If decorating our homes in stylish wallpapers, beautifully crafted furnishings and trendy decor wasn’t inspirational enough. There are many talented small pet owners from all over the world, who are getting in touch with their inner designer and creating some amazing pet room cage themes!

From YouTube to Instagram some very lucky pets are being spoiled rotten with some very creative cage themes. We thought they were to cool not to share with all of you that we put together this post to share some inspiration on creative ways to decorate your pets home!

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How to make #Guineapig cupcakes! Yummy!

guineapig cupcakes thumbnail

Hello Wheeklies!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your summer holidays! We’re keeping creative and busy in the kitchen here at guineapig wheekly hq and rustled up a yummy guinea pig cupcake tutorial just for you!

In it we’ll show you how to make the perfect guineapig decorative cupcakes. So whether you’ve got a birthday coming up, are looking for the ideal piggie gift to give to a friend or simply want something to pass the time why not give our cupcakes a try!

Be sure to share with us your completed guinea pig cakes to! Enjoy and most of all have fun!

Katie x


DIY Guineapig Cosy Cup tutorial


How to make a cosy cuddle cup!

Hello Wheeklies!

Today we have something exciting and new to the Guineapig Wheekly blog to share with you! It’s a DIY: how to make a cosy cuddle cup tutorial for your guinea pig’s to enjoy.

Lately I have seen so many guinea pig lovers moving their guinea pigs onto fleece bedding and who wouldn’t with the array of cute accessories to be made. So if you’re wanting a bit of a summer project and want to get crafty, here’s a step by step tutorial showing you how its done!

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