<3 Unboxing the happy bunny box with Penny the Guinea pig <3

Hey everyone!

Have you ever heard of small pet subscription boxes? We’ve never tried one before ourselve but were kindly gifted one by my lovely friend Elita! So here is our video unboxing of the happy bunny club box. For those interested though I’ve added my feedback below so you can get a jist of the box and whether you feel you’d like to try one to.

Guineapig wheekly impression

  • Happy bunny club is a UK based company but they do ship internationally ( shipping fee is £5).
  • The box wass beautifully screenprinted in pink with their branding and in inside had a wax sealed letter explaining the contents of the box and pink tissue wrap. Also the bottom of the box is filled with hay so as you can see from the video penny was happy to hop in!
  • First impression of the box I was quite happy with the variety in the box.  There were 3 toys and 3 treats overall but I did find with alfalfa being in some of the treats I probably would be less likely to give them to my guinea pigs.
  • How long did the box last ? Well the toys are quite durable and lasted our piggies 2 weeks so far, the treats however we distributed between them all which is almost gone haha.
  • The pigs didn’t like the pear pieces much but the celery bits were one of their favourites.

Overall if you want to try some new small pet goodies that might not be available where you’re from or just simply treat your pet monthly I’d give happy bunny box a try!

Have a fab day! Katie and Piggies x

Gigi’s Piggie reviews : Burgess Gnaw sticks

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With a crunch and a munch those little piggies of ours need a way to keep those pearly teeth down! A piggies dental health and emotional health are key ingredients that are sure to serve up the happiest piggie you’ve ever seen.

Being in their enclosure all day long can sometimes leave our piggies pondering on what to do with all their free time. So one way to keep your guinea pigs occupied is by introducing something to nibble on like “Burgess Gnaw Sticks“.

Although you maybe pondering ” Will my piggie like them” or ” Are they a good choice for my piggie?”. Here’s our piggie pennies worth on what the fuss is all about with this piggie product!
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Gigi’s review : Burgess Chamoumile herbage hay


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Sure to be a piggies alternative to our chocolate cravings, hay has got to be their go to daily treat to munch! As part of a guinea pigs daily food diet, they need hay to help their digestion and also keep good dental health.  So its key to top up their hay baskets, although with so many different hay types to choose from here’s our piggie pennies worth on the Burgess Chamomile Hay (herbage).

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