✨ 🐹 Reasons I keep my #guineapigs indoors ! 🐹✨


When I was younger my sister and I had a guinea pig called Lofty and a rabbit he was previously paired with named Harriet whom lived outside in a secure hutch for most of the year. Now at the time we were very young and despite researching about guinea pig and rabbit care with our parents, we only brought them inside during the winter season.

Now it wasn’t until I was 24 that I got my own small pets again after coming across Cookie and Gigi one christmas. Seeing as they were both still so young, they stayed inside as indoor pets for many months and it was during this time that I got thinking about the benefits of doing so. From then on I’ve always kept my guinea pigs indoors because I feel there’s lots of positives to it and here’s a few reasons why! Continue reading

A piggie interview with Charlotte from Sugar and Spice piggies!


We have a wheekly exciting piggie interview to share with you all today! Charlotte is the creative lady behind the Sugar and Spice Guineapigs youtube channel. Charlotte makes a mixture of helpful small pet videos from general guineapig care to haul and creative cage themes!

Continue reading

🐜🐹Buzz of you! – How to keep flies away from your piggies on warm days!🐹🐜


Now that the summer weather has arrived in the uk ( no doubt we’ll probably have 1 week of summer then its back to rain haha) I have noticed more flies are buzzing around not just the house but the guinea pigs to!

Flies when it comes to our pets can cause problems as they’re often attracted to the messy muck and smells our piggies make when they poop and wee. So its super important to keep flies away from you piggies on warm days to prevent them from laying eggs and breeding more bugs.

Here are my tips on how to cut down on the flies and keep those piggies happy!

  1. Install a fly net : We recently bought two fly nets off ebay and secured it to the door of our Guineapig Wheekly HQ (shed). We also did this to the window area so that even if we leave the windows and door open to ventilate the pigs space this will minimize the number of flies to potentially get in.
  2.  Fly lights : There are special lights you can often pick up from your local super market which attract the flies to its light source. This has proved really helpful for us in again cutting down on the number of flies in the shed space and we often leave this on throughout the day to help prevent them.
  3. Cleaning up more often : Obviously as I mentioned before flies are drawn to the smell of piggie poops and urine and even though its pretty gross they can lay eggs and begin to breed. This is why its super important to spot clean and replace any dirty area’s in your piggies cage more often. It might use a bit more litter than you normally would but its worth it to prevent flies settling in.

I hope you found these guinea pig tips helpful! If you have any suggestions on how we can beat these bugs together then comment below I’d love to try your suggestions to! In the meanwhile enjoy the summer sunshine and pop those piggies on the grass! 😀

Katie xxx

🌟🐹A year gone by and a thank you from me🐹🌟


 Looking back on the Guineapig Wheekly UK after it turned a year old last wednesday ( 23rd of March) I can’t believe how far we’ve come.  The Guineapig Wheekly UK has made so many new friends, there’s around 10,000 of you now all together and I just really wanted to thank  you for all your support over the past year. Here’s to many more wheekly cute and fun filled years together.

Thanks for helping me to grow.

Katie x

🎂🐹Guineapig wheekly birthday present from me to you …???🎂🐹


birthday promo

This week is the  🐹 ‪#‎Guineapig‬ Wheekly UK’s 1st birthday 🐹 and to celebrate we’re hosting a competition on Facebook and Instagram pages to give away… 

 ​A A4 Custom piggie portrait print of your pet worth £50 each! 

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Lots of love and Guineapig kisses

Katie x

🐝🐹Spring time fun colouring tips & advice🐹🐝

Hello Wheeklies!

So the lovely Lucy from the Pen Company kindly sent us some Tombow artist brush pens to play with not to long ago and I have to say I’ve had tuns of fun with them! So much so I made a colouring tips video just for you and its spring themed ( how exciting!).


You’ll find lots of useful tips in my colouring video that may spark inspiration to even start yourself! If you’d like to try colouring yourself its a great way to relax and de-stress after a busy week, be sure to give the Tombow pens a try I think you’ll love them! They’re just like drawing with watercolours, blend beautifully and add vibrant splashes of colour to any drawing with ease.

Love and Guinea pig kisses,

Katie x