💤🐹He’s keeping me up at night!?!?!🐹💞 Tip’s if your#Guineapig keeps you up at night.😜💤



It’s 10 o’clock you’re cosy in bed and soundly drifting off to sleep after counting  sheep piggies in your head. Then all of a sudden you hear the rustle and bustle of some very cheeky furries who’ve pottered their way up to the front of their cage.

Whether its chewing the bars, pottering around making lots of noise or having a party till early hours our piggies can really disrupt our sleep. Even though I’m sure they don’t mean it and don’t speak english there are reasons behind why your guinea pig is causing so much noise and here’s why :

I’m bored… really bored!

One reason why your beloved furrie ( whether guinea pig or hamster) maybe making a racket is because they’re bored! If they’ve been inactive during the day then give them more floor time, handling and  create something stimulating for them to play with and do whilst you’re away or asleep.

My belly needs some munchies 🙂 

Generally the reason why your little one is also making so much noise is because they’re hungry! Fill up the food bowl, make them a snack and pop out plenty of hay for them to chow down on whilst you snooze.

It’s a habit!

Some guinea pigs and hamsters even get the itch and just find that being disruptive at night and chewing the bars is a pretty cool habit! Habits can be hard to break but if you work  on the following tips on solving your pets night-time nibbles then it might help you get a sound night’s sleep!

Hope you found this post helpful!

Katie x


🎁🐹A big thank you + care packages + lots of #guineapig goodness!🐹🎁

PicMonkey Collage

Back in November 2015 I put together a couple of guinea pig doodles and thought why not make a guinea pig Christmas card collection. Since it was the season of giving it also made sense to do good with my talents and so through selling these guinea pig Christmas cards, I decided to donate a % of the profits  towards creating a care package for a Guinea pig UK charity rescue.

Would you like to know what happened next?


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🐹💦Achoo! Can my guinea pig catch a cold?💦🐹


What’s that? Your head is feeling groggy, your nose is all bunged up and you’re feeling pretty lousy. Sounds like you have a cold my friend! Not only now are you classed as the main contaminate in your whole household, but with that comes the worry of giving it to your pets.

Now as much as we love our small pets from hamsters to rats, rabbits and of course guinea pigs, each are different when it comes to catching a cold. Today we’re going to cover Guinea pigs ( who’d of guessed) and all your questions to ease your mind whilst you blow that runny nose.

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✨🐹 Going to the National pet show and you can join us to! 🐹 ✨


Hello Wheeklies!

So tomorow (sunday 8th nov 2015) we’ll be going to the National Pet Show at the Birmingham NEC! We’re so excited as there’s so much to see there from :
  • Vet & Pet talks
  • Rabbit jumping show
  • Small pet zone ( there are dog & cat zones to!)
  • Pet trade stands and more!
Since maybe some of you might not be able to make it to the Pet show or just wanna see what its all about. We’d like to invite you to a free quick 10 minute scope we’ll be hosting at the Pet show and maybe feature a special guest to!
You guys are more than welcome to sit in our Periscope live show at 11:00 oclock (UK time) tomorrow. It’s absolutely free and the link will be available on our twitter account @gpigwheekly tomorow.
Note: What is periscope? Periscope is a Live streaming app available for use on mobile devices ( check out the google play store or apple store to find it). Using Periscope you can search us ” Guineapig Wheekly” and tune in with us when we are live scoping. You’ll be able to see what we’re up to , comment and follow us for regular updates on when you can sit in on our scopes.
Katie x

✨💰Guinea pigs are costing me a bomb! – Enjoy your #smallpet whilst saving the pennies💰✨


Hello Wheeklies!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far! So today I really wanted to talk a bit about the financial side of actually keeping a guinea pig as a pet. Now many people can easily think with how small and cute a guinea pig is they’ll be a cheap pet to keep. They won’t need to spend alot of money on their guinea pig and in many ways this is far from the truth and here’s why.

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🍓 5 signs you’re an amazing pet owner🍓



Believe it or not it’s easy to take yourself for granted in a lot of ways and being a good pet owner can be one of them. Although having pets of any kind from fluffy dogs to wheekly cute guinea pigs can be tough work and a responsibility. You’ve gotta give yourself credit for those little things you do that make you an amazing pet owner and to help you realise that here are just a few of them.

  1. You make time in your day no matter how busy you are to care for that little furry. Feeding them , cleaning them and making sure they’re healthy .
  2. When you go out whether it’s with friends, to a store or grocery shop.You’re thinking of your furry friend and what you could possibly bring home to make him or her happy.
  3. Caring for your pet when they’re feeling under the weather , taking them to the vet and staying by their side.
  4. Loving them for who they are, how they look, how spunky their hair do is and for how unique they are. (p.s even loving them despite they fact they wake you up at 6 in the morning for breakfast).
  5. Lastly putting someone else before yourself , whether it’s giving them more room on the sofa as they snuggle up, sharing your blanket  or giving them the last strawberry in the bowl as they stare at you lovingly.

See I bet you didn’t realise just how good a pet owner you really are! If you have you own thoughts on what makes a good pet owner we’d love to hear. Simply comment below and if there’s anything you’d like to see guinea pig wheekly do we’d really appreciate your suggestions.

Katie x