Guinea pig review: Burgess Excel’s new Parsley pieces & Blueberry Bakes range!


Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wheekly wonderful day! So today I have an exciting review to show you the latest burgess excel piggie and rabbit treats to hit the shops. Now I did purchase these myself with my own money at the pet show 2018).

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Gigi’s Piggie reviews : Burgess Gnaw sticks

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With a crunch and a munch those little piggies of ours need a way to keep those pearly teeth down! A piggies dental health and emotional health are key ingredients that are sure to serve up the happiest piggie you’ve ever seen.

Being in their enclosure all day long can sometimes leave our piggies pondering on what to do with all their free time. So one way to keep your guinea pigs occupied is by introducing something to nibble on like “Burgess Gnaw Sticks“.

Although you maybe pondering ” Will my piggie like them” or ” Are they a good choice for my piggie?”. Here’s our piggie pennies worth on what the fuss is all about with this piggie product!
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Gigi’s review : Burgess Chamoumile herbage hay


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Sure to be a piggies alternative to our chocolate cravings, hay has got to be their go to daily treat to munch! As part of a guinea pigs daily food diet, they need hay to help their digestion and also keep good dental health.  So its key to top up their hay baskets, although with so many different hay types to choose from here’s our piggie pennies worth on the Burgess Chamomile Hay (herbage).

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